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Hanamichi Sakuragi: A blockbuster trade could be drop soon. An enticing offer is already on the table. If you want to try, just DM me. Apr 2, 2023 0:20:52 GMT
Ian Noble: February 23rd posted! Apr 1, 2023 17:20:18 GMT
George Gervin: Last calls on Hayward and Olynyk — both holding solid offers they like. Schroeder will take more time Mar 31, 2023 15:36:55 GMT
Ian Noble: February 22nd posted! Mar 31, 2023 13:44:55 GMT
Jerry West: Oladipo got a few offers, make sure to put yours in until Sunday
Mar 30, 2023 20:18:22 GMT
Ian Noble: February 21st posted! Mar 30, 2023 18:24:05 GMT
George Gervin: RJax has an offer Mar 30, 2023 11:20:56 GMT
George Gervin: Schroeder has two offers now Mar 29, 2023 18:10:14 GMT
Jerry West: Meyers Leonard got an offer Mar 29, 2023 14:21:39 GMT
Ian Noble: February 16th posted! Mar 28, 2023 18:38:23 GMT
George Gervin: Now four offers for Kelly! Mar 28, 2023 18:07:55 GMT
George Gervin: Kelly O has two offers now, Hayward has four offers, and Schroeder getting some tire kicking too — get your offers in if interested! Mar 28, 2023 17:47:35 GMT
George Gervin: Mini Giannis has an offer Mar 28, 2023 15:11:23 GMT
George Gervin: The Slovenian Dragon has an offer Mar 28, 2023 15:01:11 GMT
George Gervin: Send offers for Kelly O to me — already have one in my PMs Mar 28, 2023 14:47:40 GMT
Monty Williams: Willing to attach a second to Reggie Jackson for any team willing to take on his salary. Mar 28, 2023 14:25:42 GMT
Ian Noble: to the rescue Mar 28, 2023 13:53:35 GMT
Hanamichi Sakuragi: I do not want to handle the Olynyk Free Agency as I do not conform with the decision of just letting the cutting of three starters of a playoff team, pass. Kindly pass it to another or just replace me entirely. Thanks. Mar 28, 2023 11:55:38 GMT
Chris Mullin: Paul Reed OTB. Hit me up if interested! Mar 28, 2023 3:36:03 GMT
Jerry West: Oladipo got an offer
Mar 27, 2023 20:56:47 GMT
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