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Walt Frazier: Also also, it's still so early in the season, I hope these aren't all overreactions. Jan 20, 2021 23:57:13 GMT
Walt Frazier: FTR, I'm not mad haha. Just saying, we need to be kind of careful how many are up for multiple reasons. One being what I just said, but two is for my sanity lol Jan 20, 2021 23:56:46 GMT
Walt Frazier: Like seriously. We've got players who's last vote was only 28 hours ago now on the 2nd page. It's not efficient, unfortunately. Most people won't go check the 2nd page. Jan 20, 2021 23:55:55 GMT
Walt Frazier: OKAY ASSHOLES, NO MORE STOCKWATCH, WTF Jan 20, 2021 23:52:53 GMT
Ian Noble: It's like Winds of Winter, except the wait will be worth it :D Jan 20, 2021 22:06:38 GMT
Ian Noble: I've now written up all but the winner for EOTY tonight, I just need to sleep on it so I'm happy with my choices and order of announcement! I promise it is coming! Jan 20, 2021 21:51:18 GMT
Ian Noble: November 5th posted! Jan 20, 2021 17:33:19 GMT *
Shaquille O'Neal: finished making some stockwatch discussion, tomorrow ill post players who should have a higher rating. Jan 20, 2021 17:28:41 GMT
Bryan Colangelo: get offers in on Emanuel Mudiay Jan 19, 2021 15:44:08 GMT
Ian Noble: November 4th posted! Jan 19, 2021 13:48:56 GMT *
Ian Noble: November 3rd posted! Jan 18, 2021 18:45:23 GMT
Ian Noble: sims coming! (feels good to be saying that again :D) Jan 18, 2021 18:28:58 GMT
Mark Price: Listening to offers for Kevin Porter Jr. DM me if interested. Jan 18, 2021 16:47:39 GMT
Ian Noble: November 1st and 2nd posted! Jan 17, 2021 11:15:54 GMT
Ian Noble: New season has tipped off! Jan 17, 2021 11:15:45 GMT
Jared Montini: tmac come join again Jan 17, 2021 3:25:41 GMT
Tracy McGrady: :D Jan 17, 2021 1:20:37 GMT
Ian Noble: Get your depth charts submitted! Jan 16, 2021 21:37:45 GMT
Ian Noble: Tip-off tomorrow! Jan 16, 2021 17:28:29 GMT
Tom Izzo: msg me if you are interested Jan 15, 2021 23:00:42 GMT
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