End of Season Standings


Ian Noble: :beer: cheers Dec 4, 2020 15:28:13 GMT
Glenn Robinson: New banner looks great! Dec 4, 2020 15:13:33 GMT
Tom Izzo: This was supposed to be a private message between me and Ian about a Blockbuster trade we've agreed to 👀 Dec 3, 2020 5:41:43 GMT
Tom Izzo: Sorry I didn't mean to send that Dec 3, 2020 5:40:43 GMT
George Gervin: Jingles already back on your block? Dec 3, 2020 2:14:42 GMT
Tom Izzo: Kemba Walker, Julius Randle, Joe Ingles Dec 3, 2020 1:56:02 GMT
Larry Bird: Anyone looking to gain extra cap space to go after their guy?! Dec 2, 2020 3:16:21 GMT
George Gervin: and none of those guys came back completely the same from it Dec 1, 2020 18:54:21 GMT
George Gervin: Says at least till January, but this procedure is the same one Kobe, Pau, and Dirk all got back 7-8 years ago in Europe when it was still experimental Dec 1, 2020 18:54:03 GMT
Amare Stoudemire: Kemba hurt till January or longer? Dec 1, 2020 18:48:19 GMT
Jerry West: I'm up for it Dec 1, 2020 17:47:15 GMT
Josh Barber: I’d play as well Dec 1, 2020 13:30:26 GMT
Tim Duncan: anyone down for a D5 among us game?-----> Yes Dec 1, 2020 4:58:04 GMT
Bryan Colangelo: Send offers in for Tobias Harris Dec 1, 2020 1:20:00 GMT
Alex English: I've responded to all of Kawhi's offers so far. I hope to respond to all of my offers before the end of the night. Nov 30, 2020 18:11:41 GMT
George Gervin: Correct— they just might not sign until the large FAs are decided Nov 30, 2020 9:06:06 GMT
Arvydas Sabonis: So I can already also send offers for lower tier FA's? Not that I need to wait for top guys to decide first? Nov 30, 2020 8:42:00 GMT
James Kay: anyone down for a D5 among us game? Nov 30, 2020 5:49:03 GMT
Chris Mullin: Damian Jones OTB for a 2nd Round Pick. Cheap Rookie deal, comes with Bird Rights. Nov 30, 2020 3:55:29 GMT
Bryan Colangelo: Get your offers in on Kristaps! Nov 30, 2020 0:04:34 GMT
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