73 Meyers Leonard


Billy King: you can try to trade for whiteside when you get me drunk Jan 19, 2020 14:33:32 GMT
Billy King: ive got a big phd interview tour coming up in san diego, palo alto, corvallis, seattle, and honolulu if anyone wants to get a drink Jan 19, 2020 14:33:20 GMT
Josh Barber: Ben McLemore is looking for offers again! Send me something more than the minimum! Jan 19, 2020 14:10:39 GMT
Ian Noble: December 15th posted! and rating changes posted! Jan 19, 2020 11:33:29 GMT *
Walt Frazier: Updated/Modified Ish Smith and Vucevic as well. Jan 18, 2020 22:44:18 GMT
Walt Frazier: Latest batch just sent to . Created Bazley & Boucher, updates to Kanter, Dwight, Ariza, DeAndre Jordan, Ingram, BAM, FVV, Trae Young, Jaylen, Sabonis, Ingles, & Bruce Brown. Jan 18, 2020 22:44:04 GMT
Tom Izzo: Billy King has a league? I wanna see this Jan 18, 2020 22:22:13 GMT
James Kay: we have a discord though Jan 18, 2020 21:03:10 GMT
James Kay: not sure how to use the slack Jan 18, 2020 21:02:49 GMT
Walt Frazier: I think he actually designates the year that the BRs kick in by making that year and subsequent years on the contract in italics Jan 18, 2020 19:55:21 GMT
Josh Barber: I think Billy King tracks it in his rosters page in his league. Like if the player is set up to have BRs after the contract ends, you just add another year in a new color Jan 18, 2020 19:07:12 GMT
Tom Izzo: I did some searching to find the contracts but took me a bit Jan 18, 2020 17:51:03 GMT
Tom Izzo: I definitely think it would. I only bring it up because I have no idea what contract length my guys were signed under Jan 18, 2020 17:50:49 GMT
Ian Noble: December 14th posted! Jan 18, 2020 14:53:03 GMT
Ian Noble: Unfortunately no, but now that you mention it - it would be useful Jan 18, 2020 14:38:41 GMT
Tom Izzo: Is there a place to see bird rights? Jan 18, 2020 1:57:43 GMT
Tom Izzo: Oooh. I mean we can use whatever. I pushed out the link in a post but if you'd rather use yours if matters not to me. I did go to that link though, but it didn't work Jan 18, 2020 0:35:18 GMT
Ian Noble: I did make dynastyfive.slack.com if you'd prefer it Jan 18, 2020 0:28:54 GMT
Tom Izzo: You're probably right. Well... I'm going to push it out anyway. If it dies it dies Jan 18, 2020 0:27:35 GMT
Larry Bird: You can turn on email when you get a message. Jan 18, 2020 0:26:52 GMT
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